Is Tech Making Probiotics And Protein Digestion Better Or Worse?

Here at BiOptimizers our objective is basic:

To provide you with the resources and tools you require to function at your best. In our own words, we're here to assist you become a "biologically enhanced human being"– able to perform in a way that appears almost superhuman to the individuals around you.

And whether you're an executive in the boardroom, a professional athlete on the track or field, or simply share our interest and enthusiasm in healthy high performance, the location to start is with the BiOptimization Plan.

Our whole strategy for Healthy High Performance ™ come down to these 3 vital steps:


Increase your body's capability to absorb nutrients to habits for healthy increase efficiency and overall health.

Assimilation is defined as the conversion of nutrients into living tissue. For us, It suggests you're utilizing key nutrients to become a biologically optimized human.

The body is constantly restoring itself. The liver rebuilds itself roughly every 90 days. Worked out muscles are continuously repairing themselves after intense workouts.

Enzymes and probiotics are the bio-workers that digest food into functional elements and reassemble them into new tissue. Enzymes do over 25,000 different functions in the body according to Dr. Hiromi Shinya (author of The Enzyme Element).

The majority of people have drained their "enzyme savings account" due to consuming processed food and tension.

The powerful enzymes in Masszymes and probiotics in P3-OM are the key components to increasing your body's capability to take in nutrients, boost efficiency and overall health.


Infuse your cells with the essential nutrients and bio-workers your body has to quickly rebuild itself.

Practically every individual in the world is seriously nutrition lacking, due to mass farming approaches (pesticides and herbicides) and overprocessed, chemically-loaded food.

Step 2, the "Nutrification" stage, is designed to infuse your cells with the vital nutrients and bio-workers your body has to quickly reconstruct itself.

Organic Protein Development, P3-OM probiotics, Masszymes digestive enzymes, Primergen-V vitamins and Primergen-M minerals, interact synergistically to sustain your body's cells with life-enhancing nutrients, while all at once lowering the gastrointestinal stress of modern-day living.

The finest method to get begun is by implementing the 77-Day BiOptimization Blueprint which enables you to securely launch toxins from the body as you build up your nutrient levels.


Take your body to the ultimate edge and expression of human potential to become biologically optimized.

The third phase is where you take your body to the absolute zenith of peak efficiency.

By combining all of the BiOptimizer items at therapeutic levels for prolonged time periods you'll optimize your body's biology to its complete capability.

It's difficult for us to explain how great you're going to feel after you:

Give your cells all 85 minerals it has to operate at its finest.

Increase your brain and energy with bio-absorbable vitamins and EFAs

Flood your muscles with all 22 amino acids from natural plant protein

Remove acid reflux, bloating and constipation by doubling your gastrointestinal powers with the most potent enzyme on the marketplace

Travel the world without fear … Secure yourself versus invaders, viruses and bad bacteria with the patented, anti-viral, anti-retroviral, anti-bacterial P3-OM

Really simply, if you're a high efficiency individual, and require high levels of energy, psychological focus, and physical capability– then you're going to love how you feel and carry out with BiOptimizers' powerful items.